Hosting is only $20.00 a month
No HTML needed!
Your domain name in the address bar throughout the
Unlimited Pages, Categories, Products.
Inventory control choice
Compatible with the LinkLok system for
downloadable items like e-patterns, books, etc.. 
LinkLok is from Mal's and does charge a small fee of
$29.95 a year.
Upload images right in the administration area - no
FTP needed
2-3 pictures per product
Unlimited options with attributes (ex. color, size,
style) can be added for each item
More than one price can be chosen from one product
(ex. X-Large is a higher price than Small, Medium or
Large) can be added to each item
Each item can be assigned to five different
categories in one step.
Customers can search by Catalog number
Wholesale with password protecting
Gift registry or wishlist
Gift Certificates
Printable Catalog
Affiliate Program
Event Calendar
Site Features
FAQ creator
Web Links and Top 100's
Sale, Out of Stock status
Mega Tags for each page
Delete and Add as often as you wish!
Login to your website from any computer!
Mal's E-Commerce free shopping cart!
Choose the layout that you want!!
FREE Customer Support - You can email us or call
us at any time for help (up to a certain point of
course, LOL)!
Website backup included
And so much more!