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Our site builder is full of great features that will make your website easy to use for YOU and your customers!! Easy DIY Websites allows you to easily design and maintain your own website using the great features in the program.

We have a step by step instructions for you!! You can email us or call us and we will be glad to help you if you need more help!!

There are no hidden fees!!! The only costs you have are the one time set up fee, your monthly hosting fee and your domain name yearly fee (if we purchase it for you).

If you have any question please feel fee to email us using the contact form on our Contact Me page! 
Hosting is only $20.00 a month
No HTML needed!
Your domain name in the address
bar throughout the site!
Unlimited Pages, Categories,
Inventory control choice
Compatible with the LinkLok
system for downloadable items
like e-patterns, books, etc.. 
LinkLok is from Mal's and does
charge a small fee of $29.95 a
Upload images right in the
administration area - no
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Our regular layouts are as
listed below.
Feel free to email us with
questions by clicking on our
contact us button
You can choose from 2 or 3
columns with your page
navigation buttons under your
logo and your catalog
navigation buttons on the side
or all the navigation buttons on
the side.
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Tech Support
Phone  816-68909-0892
DIY EASY Websites Remote
As you know, we are available
to help you almost 24/7!  LOL!  
If we can't lead you through
fixing it on the phone or email,
we can now do remote support.
What is remote support?
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